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Defining Factors that contribute to, or detract from, the success of a given scenario requires forethought.  Long-term success of a solution is contingent on it's ability to grow and adapt as your objectives do. 

Key Benefits:
- Find Factors critical to success
- Gain Insight to priority FOCUS
- SnapVision awareness of change


SuccessFactor Analysis will provide insight for solutions to needs based upon what people are committed to. By obtaining feedback for insight from the different perspectives of key people, and focusing on those critical factors that will help develop a successful implementation - you will see results, not just go through an exercise.

Determine what moves a contact to closure.
What is it in your organization that is most critical in the process of steps from initial determination of a lead to the point of closure?  Find out the Action Items and Triggers that propel things to the next step of the process.  Determine how to track these factors for pro-active progress and pipeline status.

Define expectations for a project.
What are the expectations and commitment levels of key people involved with a project?  Are they on target with goals?  Is the team in focused agreement?

Identify productivity factors for a job.
When it comes to a new or existing job, what factors are key to effectiveness and productivity, and how will they be measured?

SuccessFactors™ and the SuccessFactoring™ concept originated with our firm in 1985 as we realized that it was a composite of factors that were vital to success in an organization.  Although many factors are consistent, others vary from industry to industry and organization to organization - but even more important was the difference between individuals within organizations.  Not only their unique factors, but their own blend of priorities and values as combined in teamwork, are the key to their success.  After starting several companies and not finding the type of management tool or technique that would adapt and grow, as well as allow for multiple perspectives of input to indicate the status, variance and change of critical factors, the SuccessFactor Analysis™ and Team Resource Management™ concepts were created.

Click here for more information on and how it can benefit you and your team.

As a professional, an executive, you know that leadership is more pro-active influence than position.  It takes commitment, vision and courage to invest yourself in people to develop a successful team.

- Have you ever wondered how to find more people like those that produce?
- Have you ever wished you knew what made someone tick?
- Have you ever wanted to enhance communications with/for your team?
- Have you ever wanted insight to your own strengths and style of leadership, decision-making, communications, and energy/stress factors?

If your answer is "Yes" to any of these questions you can benefit from Strengths Assessment. 

Key Benefits:
- Enhanced leadership influence
- Reduced turnover in personnel
- Improved morale and productivity

Capabilities The process is simple yet provides coefficients of 80-94% reliability for insight (compared to industry standard of 60%).  The Survey is only 60 words that take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.  The computerized analysis provides reports with text, graphs and worksheets for effective application.  We provide Survey forms, Guidelines, and reports by mail  or e-mail.  You decide whether you prefer us to provide full onsite one-on-one services, or support you remotely.

Assessment Allows a person's strength's, energy, and style of communication, work, and leadership to be determined. 

Establish a Benchmark based upon current achievers and/or management expectations. 

Assessment and Benchmark when compared, give insight for productive matching of people to jobs, teams, and organizational culture. 

Click here for more information on Strengths Assessment and how it can benefit you and your team.

The MentorFactors™There are three levels of interaction for leading and learning:

Levels of Interaction
- Sharing
- Coaching
- Mentoring

Leader-Learner Relationships will determine one’s growth and mentoring potential.  Where are you and your team members in the progression of Sharing, Coaching, Mentoring? 

The process of interaction should be intended to develop competence in application and/or wisdom.

The level of interaction will vary with different combinations of Topic, Leader, and Learner.  Major factors in the Leader-Learner Relationship include:
- Expected level of competency desired to be reached on a topic
- Styles of learning, communication, and energy
- Level of self-disciplined commitment to learning and growth
- Understanding needs and priorities upfront as well as assessing whether progress is being made toward the desired competency is vital to an effective development program. 

Are you a Mentor,  Mentee, or want to be?  Contact us for more information on MentorFactors 

ReFOCUS™ of scope, perspective and priorities is the very essence of growth, change, and transition. ReFOCUS  is what you do and FOCUS is what you get:
          Find Objective Criteria Using SuccessFactors™  What transition are you or your team going through at this time? Transitional change and growth can be triggered by events, like  September 11, 2001,  your employer being acquired, or personal relationships changing.  However, to ReFOCUS  always takes a conscious decision of courage to face the factors that lead to charting a pro-active course of action.

As a professional, a leader, you may be wondering:
- How can I recapture energy from sources of stress?
- How can I leverage my strengths to effectively ReFOCUS™?
- When it comes to navigating my current transition, what SuccessFactors™ are key to my scenario?

To ReFOCUS™ will help you prioritize, synergize and energize your resources and relationships.

 Where can I find a confidential coach or mentor with moral integrity, that will tell me what others will not, and provide tools and techniques I can apply?

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"A change of attitude must become
a change of behavior for
a change in results!"

                  - Paul Swauger

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