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Corporate and Privacy

Corporate Anniversary
Year 2015 marks thirty-five years of our serving organizations from small business, non-profits, to Fortune 500.

Clients benefit from a more clear focus on priorities and factors that enhance the effectiveness of teams and leadership through applying the concepts of Team Resource Management™.


Project Confidentiality
One thing our clients appreciate is knowing that their name, project, and related information remains confidential unless approved otherwise.


Swauger Speaks at Eisenhower Foundation
Paul Swauger, President of Dynamic Systems, Inc. was one of five featured speakers at the 31st Annual Summer Seminar of the Eisenhower Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc. which met in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 18, 2001.

The foundation, which focuses on the training of university scholars for leadership, requested that Swauger present the topic, Points of Integrity - Who is Keeping Score?  Of  the Swauger presentation, Executive Director, E.M. Sears said, "While I am sure the scholars gained much from it, it was also suitable for an adult, experienced audience involved in public, private, and industrial pursuits.  I would think many industries and organizations would find a need for your presentation to their employees and management people."

Other speakers at the meeting of select scholars were State Representative Robert Behning, Urologist Dr. David Miller, State Senator Murry Clark, and Software Developer Dr. Robert Burger.